Data-only devices approved for use with GSMT flat-rate or unlimited plans

What data-only devices are approved for use with GSMT flat-rate or unlimited plans?

GSM-T utilizes LTE Bands: 2, 4 (66), 12 (17) and 71

  • Mikrotik Routerboards (including but not strictly limited to R11e-LTE-US or WAP Kit US/WAP AC Kit US, LtAP mini LTE Kit US, SXT LTE Kit US, LHG LTE Kit US)
  • MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V2 (both SIM4 and SIM7 versions should work)

Currently we are not accepting activations for Mikrotik devices with Category 6 LTE modems (LTE6, SXT6 etc) due to the chipset in use in these devices for the reason that they do not support LTE Band 4 or 66. Mikrotik devices with Category 4 LTE modems can still be activated.

If you plan on to using a device not on our list with an "approved devices" flat-rate or unlimited plan, there is no guarantee that services will work at full speed (or at all) and we are unable to provide support for devices we are not familiar with.

Any device with inbuilt IPSEC session/tunnel establishment capabilities should work under normal circumstances - "VPN pass-through" features are not sufficient. Some devices may require manual configuration to function correctly.

If you'd like us to test whether your device(s) will work with these plans, please send a unit to us and we will test it with various configurations so we can determine compatibility - we can also test your device with other carriers if required.

The below devices are known to work on the "basic device" plans, and may end up being deprioritized or throttled if used on an "approved device" plan (or may not work at all). We have also seen instances where some devices will perform perfectly on a speed-test, but not during real world usage if used on an "approved device" plan:

  • Huawei H8372H USB Dongle
  • ReadyNet LTE520
  • Cradlepoint - all models
  • Peplink - all models
  • Netgear LB1120
  • Nighthawk M1 (MR1100-1A1NAS, MR1100-2A1NAS) (Update 5/20/2020: May not work at all on GSM-T)
  • Nighthawk M1 (MR1100-100NAS) (Update 5/20/2020: May not work at all on GSM-T)
  • Huawei B310-518s (some areas only - no band 12)
  • ZTE MF279

T-Mobile branded hotspots (such as Alcatel Linkzone, ZTE Z915, ZTE Z917, MF64 etc) are not compatible with unlimited plans and can only be used on limited data plans (2 to 22GB).

This list is subject to change and periodic updates.