Dealer Wholesale
Minimum Spend per month (comes in to effect 91 days after your go-live date) $2,500 $750 (Wholesale)

$1,500 (Aggregator)
Volume Pricing for even bigger discounts Yes Yes
Wholesale Pricing inclusive of Service Fees Yes No
Set your own prices for broadband and wireless plans Yes Yes

You are first point of contact for all subscriber interactions (including monthly payments & support tickets)

Yes Yes
Customers are 100% yours & have to come to you to pay their bill (whether online or offline) Yes Yes
Make money on each new activation Yes Yes
Make money on the difference between our price and your retail price for ALL services for the life of the account. Yes Yes
Customized, customer-ready e-commerce website for sales & subscriber management, fully integrated with our back office Yes No
Dedicated SaaS Backoffice for customer payments (includes automatic recurring billing of your customers credit card - requires merchant account) Yes Optional

Point your domain at our servers or let us handle the domain, CDN, DNS & mail.

Yes Optional (Requires SaaS backoffice)

Custom support options available (optional extras include branding, 24x7 helpdesk, 24x7 activations, IVR and more).

Yes Yes
Sub-accounts for resellers, sales locations/franchisees Yes Wholesale Aggregator only
Billing Terms Prepaid (pro-rate + 1st month) Prepaid (pro-rate + 1st month)
Setup Time (Business Days) Wholesale account is enabled & ready to order within 1-2 days.

Most websites within 30 days (assumes all materials per checklist are ready & available)
1-2 (up to 14 for SaaS backoffice).
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